About Me

For the last few years I feel like I have lived a life running in all different directions.  I worked as hard as I could in youth ministry to the point of nearly sacrificing my marriage and health for it.  I have driven all over the Midwest fighting bulls in order to move forward my rodeo career.  I have spent the remaining free days working on my ranch preparing to raise horses and bulls for rodeos. In all of these things, I have worked as hard and as long as I could under my own power.  Lone Tree Ranch Ministries is all about handing that power over.  All the late night drives, the injuries, the emotional and physical exhaustion has been in sacrifice to myself.  The goal of this minsitry is to work and serve in a way that both brings Glory to God and makes me come alive in the way that God created me.  Through Rodeo, Ranching, and Ministry, the goal of Lone Tree Ranch is to bring glory to God.



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