The Greeks had a word for a person who played a role that did not represent who they full were.  The wore a mask; altered their voice; they pretended.  Thanks to some real words from some people close to me, I see that mask wearing isn’t just for the Greeks.

It was John Wooden who said, “leadership from a base of hypocrisy undeRmines respect.”  It is true that I deserve no respect in what I teach and preach.

A sabbatical is due from teaching and preaching.  It is clear that I have been putting on the mask for far too long.  I will finish up the summer next week in Omaha at the youth weekend there and then seek employment for the year.  It has been a fun run but I apologize for those I have articially built up and those who I have let down.

The funny thing about masks is, if you don’t take them off when you out grow them they can sometimes become a part of you.


About Travis Gail

I am a cowboy saved by the grace of God.

One response to “Hypocrites”

  1. Ben Austic says :

    I love you, brother. I’ll be praying for you and I’m here for whatever you need during your sabbatical or whenever.

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